Dixon's/Central Snacks are manufacturers of the
best-tasting pork skins on the market today!
We have always believed this and our customer
feedback has proven us correct.

Not only are our skins the best-tasting product on the shelf, it also has documented health benefits with its low-carb content — popular among our customers on the Atkins Diet.

Our pork skins are processed to get the maximum pop from its pellets. At Dixon's/Central Snacks, we have a patent BBQ and Hot seasoning blend that's different from any other brand.
Dear Sir,
On a recent trip to the beach, I got a bag of Hot
Bar-B-Q Flavored pork skins from a vending
machine at the motel. Of all the pork skins I have
had, those are no doubt the best ones that my
family and I have had. We cleaned the machine
out before we left. Please tell us where we can
get these at a place close to our home.

K. Gregg, Tuscaloosa, AL

Dear Sir,
Your Dixon's/Central Pork Skins are the best I
have eaten. The company I work for had them in
the vending machine. I would like to know where
I can purchase your Dixon's/Central Pork Skins. I
have never written a food company about their
products. You are the first one.

Thank you,
Richard, Winston-Salem, NC
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